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Fault Finding

Accell Electrical Ltd. provides clients with a full electrical fault finding services.
By combining the experience of our fault-finding team and the very latest equipment, we offer an extensive fault finding service that identifies issues with a system’s electrics.
Our non-invasive fault finding equipment can quickly and comprehensively check an entire property’s electrical system.
Fault finding can oftentimes identify electrical issues before they negatively affect a home or the day to day operations of a business.

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Common Electrical Faults

Water ingress

In cases where there is excessive damp, water ingress can begin to damage a property’s electrical system.

Faulty Circuit Breakers

Electrical circuit faults are extremely common. Regular tripping can be a clue that the circuits may no longer be fit for purpose

Wire Damage

Worn or damaged wires can be difficult to find, especially if they are installed behind a wall or floorboard.

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Fault Finding FAQ