Photovoltaic (PV) Cells

Photovoltaic cells provide an efficient, innovative way for our customers to harness the power of the sun to generate their own clean electricity. Accell Electrical Ltd. are certified installers for photovoltaic cells meaning we can properly install your cells in a safe and efficient manner.

We assess all homes and businesses individually in order to accurately determine their requirements and suit our work to their budget.

Benefits of photovoltaic cells

These are just some of the many benefits customers experience after installing PV cells:

  • Unique way of generating a clean source of electrical energy.

  • Any excess electricity produced can be sold back to the National Grid.

  • If purchased for commercial (business) enterprise, 100% can be claimed back over 8 years.

  • No maintenance or moving parts, self-cleaning glass (some models)

  • Up to 25 years linear performance guarantee.

  • No planning permission required on standard installations, once less than 12m2 or 50% roof size for a house and 50m2 or 50% of roof for Industrial buildings/small business.

  • Can potentially add up to 15% resale value of home.

  • Ireland is uniquely situated in that the panels are at their most efficient when operating below 25 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for the Irish environment.

  • Ireland receives a total of 40% direct and 60% indirect solar radiation. Indirect is by cloud cover which is in fact beneficial as we get what is called the “mirror effect ‘’ which is the bouncing of radiation from earth to cloud and then back to earth again.

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  • Does Ireland get enough sunlight to run a PV System? Yes. PV cells do not need sunshine to operate, merely light. The rate at which solar energy hits the surface of the earth is known as ‘insolation level’ and Ireland’s insolation levels are equal to many parts of Germany and France.

  • Does PV work at night? No electricity is produced at night as insolation levels are at zero; the national grid meets your electrical needs.

  • Can I store my electricity produced during the day, if I do not use it? No, any electricity not being used as it is produced gets sold back to the national grid. Accell Electrical Ltd. will, however, advise you on electrical usage to get the most out of your system.

  • How many panels do I need? This is dependent on your average consumption, available roof space and budget constraints. We at Accell Electrical Ltd. will work out your average, complete a site survey and advise of the best solution, always conscious of budget parameters.

  • What needs to be done to connect system to the national grid? A Micro\ Generator Notification Form (NC6 ) must be filled in prior to installation. Accell Electrical Ltd. will assist in filling this out.

  • What savings can I achieve on my bills? A Consumer using on average 2,111 KWhrs annually can produce up to 1511.9 KWhrs from a PV Array size of 11.8m2 on a South, facing roof. Giving a saving of up to 71 % for year 1 and after 25 years still be 60% of designed output allowing for degradation of Arrays and inverters.